Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Dolls —Chapter 1 (MY VIDEO)

I always thought about telling some sort of story, and/or making some sort of slideshow or movie of dolls. Dolls living together in a large old mansion, going through frightful and/or sad experiences. Dolls with questions and experiences that we all as humans have and endure. I finally made my little video of Chapter 1, which introduces the characters/dolls and sets the stage for the telling of their experiences in their huge old doll house mansion. I hope you enjoy this little story.   -Lorna


In a place far away, there is a house of dolls that live their own doll lives. Each doll has a story, some sunnier than others and some darker. The dolls all have their own room. There is a dining room on the first floor where they meet for meals and a large yard with a gazebo in the back.   As life for us humans can be a winding road sometimes or a smooth drive at other times, so these dolls' lives  have twists and turns.  At present in the dollhouse, one senses a grey veil of unrest and anxiety.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: THE DOLLS (Version 1b)

1 comment:

PhilipH said...

Very interesting project. Will now read chapter 2.
My darling daughter makes many fantasy figures/dolls and I'm exceedingly proud of her and the work she does.

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