Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Really Me

I've been sitting here in front of the monitor, half sleeping. I don't know what to write about. Hugo Chavez has died and I decided not to comment on the man who made several billion dollars *after* he took office in Venezuela. No current events for me tonight.

I am sleepy. My neighbor, a 14-year-old, came over to get my help writing an essay for a class he wants to get into. A summer academy class at UCLA. We worked past my dinner time and then went across the street to his house where his mom served us dinner.

I guess this might be a good time as any to clarify that the voice you hear in my blog is the real me. Not heightened to be Ms. Classy Pants. Not lowered for comic effect. Not exaggerated to become a caricature. Just me, plain and simple. Sometimes not so simple.

Some plans I have are to take pictures of my office and share Command Central with you. Maybe take pictures of the whole house and share my environment with you. Maybe admit my deepest fears, bleat out my worst anxieties and frustrations.

But not tonight. Tonight I am tired and sleepy.

I hope you all have sweet dreams tonight.

P.S. The two pictures here were taken in 2007.



1 comment:

Manju Modiyani said...

Look what you have done! You were clueless about what to write and you came up with this interesting piece! Loved reading it...I'm your new follower! :)
And you look good in those pics :)

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