Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fake smiles

It's true that actors and actresses have to smile to the camera for their own professional good. Out pops a photographer from around a corner and seasoned actors know how to flash a smile (if there is enough time to do so).

Some of the practiced smiles come out looking genuine, welcoming, and friendly. Others can be perceived as false, unconvincing, pasted on. Here is a photo of Oscar winning Jennifer Lawrence soon after winning her award. This smile I put in the "fake" category. The mouth is drawn back to reveal the teeth but the smile occurs only  on the bottom half of the face. A true smile reaches up to the eyes and changes their shape; alas, a true smile creates lines around the eyes.

Here is a recent photo taken of Jennifer Lawrence. What do you think? Do you see a genuine smile or do you see a fake, mouth-only smile? And before you jump on me, please, I like this young woman and wish her well. I am talking here only about genuine smiles and forced ones. We all know that this was the first time for Miss Lawrence, and that she was obviously very nervous and under terrific pressure to present well.

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