Monday, March 25, 2013

What if I end up telling too much?

I could be writing about a lot of things right now, and the words would go right off the page and fall to the floor. At age 69 I have a health issue about which I could write that has no, or practically no solution. As a widow I have a range of topics I could blog about. As a sociable loner I could write about That. As a constant thinker I could pick any subject.

But then I stop. What if I end up telling too much? (And what is too much?) Or what if what I write is a crashing bore? The reason why I have this blog is certainly not to be considered a crashing Bore. And what if it ends up sounding stupid? (And what is stupid?)

That's the thing about blogging. The constant lure of the blank page to empty out all of my feelings balanced by the pull of caution to watch out what I write because once out in the blogosphere, words hang forever, maybe to come back and bite.

And so instead of making a decision now, I am going downstairs to make dinner. A chicken thigh smothered in cream of mushroom soup. Petite carrots and hot rice on the side.

Mon, Mar 25, 2013   08:23 PM  PST

I am back from dinner and a few TV serials. I do have a hanging thought on the above and that has to do with what a good personal blog should be. I think that a good personal blog should be personal, inwardly personal, not just about playing tennis or hiking the nearby hills, but thoughts and feelings that run through the mind and excite us either to joy or to fear. So now I have a definition; the question is, do I have the courage to risk telling too much and/or sounding like a fool?

I'll have to figure that out somehow.



Shelly said...

I still grapple with those questions and I find I am constantly editing with them in mind. However, I find that if it makes me feel good to write it, then it's OK.

It's good to find your blog, and I look forward to returning! I'm a new follower, and thank you for your visit to mine!

Pearl said...

I think the key to writing things that people want to read lies in what kind of people you want to attract.

Be the person you would want to visit, and the followers will come!


Kathleen McCoy said...

I think Pearl is right -- and Shelly, too. And both have wonderful blogs that many others enjoy regularly.

I grapple with many of the same issues: how much is too much to share. With a more personal post, I write it and let it sit for a day or two and go back to it to see if it still feels O.K.

I'm more careful than I used to be about the possibility of hurting someone. Last year, I wrote a post about what new parents want us to know after my brother and his young wife complained about a family friend's intrusiveness. So I disguised her identity -- or so I thought -- into three different fictional examples and, of course, she saw herself right away and was devastated. It led to some tight jawed dealings not only with her, but also with my brother. Sigh! So I'm a bit more careful now. I would also like to carry on about politics more, but it drives my husband crazy, so, in the interest of peace at home, I stick to safer subjects at least for now.

A Lady's Life said...

I think you need to enjoy writing and blogging with people and know that you will have various kind of people coming to your blog.
I write because finally, at my age, I think I have a right to my opinions.I earned to have them by living/experiencing a life, studying, travelling etc...
Today I think the wrong people are being heard.
I think God has a place in this world too because his message is simple and has never changed, and is for the better good. I limit it to the 10 commandments because I think the Bible is just a tool for guidance full of stories.
The question is not was Jesus the son of God, but what a great man he was to live so short a public life and leave such a lasting impression at a time when politics was soo harsh and cruel.
It meant something in those days to a lot of people. Today most things mean nothing and so life means nothing. It's a throw away world.This is sad and people, not government, have to change this.

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