Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"No problem..."

Imagine you're at a cashier's checkout line. Imagine you saying "Thank you" (which is the first mistake). Now imagine what the cashier almost always says: "No problem." When I say "almost always," I mean, about 95% of the time. "No problem."

Our society is changing, and this little social exchange is one that I consider for the worst. I could go on and on about social ills in the U.S.A., but I'll just stick (for today) to this "Thank you" and "No problem" phenomenon.

First of all, you are the customer. You have purchased something from the company and they are the richer for it. It is for the cashier to say, "Thank you," not you who have just spent $75 on a printer from Office Depot. I am guilty of this as well. Why do we say, "Thank you"?

The second problem I have is that the cashier then says, "No problem" rather than "My pleasure (to help you)," or "Thank you for shopping at Office Depot." First of all, it shouldn't be a problem for the cashier to do his or her job; it is his job and it should be his pleasure. "No problem" is unprofessional and too casual for my taste.

This thorn in my side was resuscitated last week when I went to Office Depot to buy some Canon printer ink. At the end of the transaction, after I said "Thank you,"  the tall young cashier with golden hair actually told me, "My pleasure."

He actually said it and it was so unexpected that I thanked him for saying it.

Problem still remains, though. I was the one who said "Thank you." That should have been his line to me, at which time I would have said, "Oh, you're quite welcome!"

Thank you for reading my post. :-)    


HermanTurnip said...

Totally agree. What's lacking today is common courtesy. I tend to always thank the cashier because, after all, they're human too, and it doesn't hurt to want to let others know when they do a good job. And professionally, a "You're very welcome" should be the standard response. Treat your customers right and you're guaranteeing repeat business. Seems only logical!

A Lady's Life said...

The person is paid to be pleasant. If you did not say Thank you first, the cashier would have. The thing about printers is that it is cheaper to buy the whole printer with ink today than to buy ink itself. This is what gets my goat. lol
So the question would be: Why are they selling throw away objects our environment can't support in dumps?
Use one time and throw away. Buy a new one cheaper. Printers should be affordable and reusable.

Lorna said...

@Lady's Life:

This is what infuriates me about printers and ink. Exactly. I was told that it is less expensive in the long run to get a laser printer.

A Lady's Life said...

Ya but how much are the ink replacements? 400 dollars?
I think its cheaper to put the stuff you need on these memory chips and go to staples

Lorna said...

I want the convenience of printing inside my home office; going to Staples is a minor pain in the neck.

CrystalChick said...

I've said 'thank you' to cashiers as they give the receipt, or for some other reason. And, I'm sure some have said 'no problem' in response. I can't quite think of a specific store or cashier where that's happened, but I will definitely be paying attention in the future.

Oh, and the mention of ink for the printer... horrors! I just bought refills. Luckily, I had a coupon to discount the bill. Otherwise, it would have been about $45. And I still need to buy a black cartridge .. they were out of stock. My wallet was happy about that. ;)

Lorna said...

@Crystal Chick: They suck you in with the low priced printer=FAX-copier-scanner. They when you're stuck with having to buy theier ink, they have you.

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