Thursday, September 19, 2013

Writer's block and Shelly's post

Every now and then someone writes a blog post about his or her family and how close they all are. Such was the case today when I read Shelly's post, "The Trio" in her blog "La Tejana."

She describes scenes very effectively and includes details that go to the heart of her message; I am always touched by her writing, but especially when it is about family.

Maybe I am doubly affected because I cannot write such posts about familial closeness -- not because I cannot write or because I am not inclined to write about such topics, but because such experiences are very few in my family.

I have been having writer's block ever since about May of this year. Things that I experience do not inspire me to write, and things that I am inclined to write about would take several long posts and I become mentally exhausted thinking about it.

Until today when I read Shelly's post in her Blogger blog; that inspired me to write about how difficult it has become for me to write. Maybe her good example will set me free, and hopefully it will be a long lasting experience. I think I would like to write about my husband, who passed away on Valentine's Day in 2000. We'll see if I ever get beyond the stage of thinking about it.


Shelly said...

I can already sense the deep well of emotion that is going to be tied to your post about your husband. I'm proud of you- writing is sometimes not easy, but it's always healing. I look forward with eager anticipation to reading it, my friend!

And thank you for your very kind words~

DJan said...

I have found that when I am wanting to write about something that is emotional or particularly hard to get started with, I do two things: first, I sit down and ask the Universe to help me to get out of the way. I just ask and don't worry about how it might happen.

Then, I write and write and don't try to write perfectly, just words, with my heart attached to them. I usually cry and sometimes I get so wrapped up that I forget I'm actually writing.

Oh, and one more thing: When I'm finished, I lay it aside and then come back to it later and edit it as if someone else wrote it. Works for me, and I hope perhaps it might be something to try. Sending you lots of good thoughts! :-)

Lorna said...

To Shelly and DJan ---

Thank you so much for your support! Shelly, you're right in sensing that I have a lot to write about my husband.

DJan, I am amazed at your active spirit and your sky diving. Also, your posts about your children touched me. You have been through so much and you keep moving forward....

Again, thanks so much for the helpful words.


A Lady's Life said...

Some things are difficult to talk about but it helps when you get it down on paper. I use my blog sorta like a diary cause it helps me remember things that really we do forget. Thoughts because of something that happened that day.
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Relieve a lot of stress from every day life.

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