Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Joe Mulligan's First Time

Tue, Apr 9, 2013   10:24 PM  PST

Joe Mulligan lowered the great vastness of his body onto the doctor's leather sofa. It was his first time with this one. First time hah! Making it sound like sex. Hah! I'm gonna make this one work for his money.

So Joe Mulligan arranged his corpulent self on the grey-beige sofa and relaxed. It was Joe's usual tactic: just sit and relax and let the other poor jerk talk his face off. Dad said you learn more with your mouth shut. Daddy was right. Hah!

Joe sat there for fifty minutes while the doctor asked questions and got stiff, unsatisfactory answers. "So what did you do today before you got here, Joseph?" "Nothin' much. Had some peanuts and soda."

"How have you been feeling lately, Joseph?" "OK. How about you?"

At fifty minutes the doctor indicated that the session was over and that they would see each other again next Thursday.

Joe Mulligan is very pleased with himself as he walks out of the building. "Fifty minutes he tried to get me to talk, and I gave him nothing. The poor devil almost makes me feel sorry for him, but I gotta make him work for the $350 I pay him every time."

Tue, Apr 9, 2013   10:37 PM  PST


CrystalChick said...

Hmm... I think too much. lol Since it's only their first appointment, time will tell if it gets better. If he's a good doc, he'll get more from Andrew in future visits. If not, he's just as bad for taking his $350.

Do you know the political commentator/blogger Andrew Sullivan?

Lorna said...

@Crystal Chick -- No, I didn't realize that there is a commentator named Andrew Sullivan, but now that you mention the name, I think I have heard of him, and I am guessing from the Big Government, Big Hollywood, etc site, which I like. I had better go and change the name right now. Thanks for the heads up. Lorna

CrystalChick said...

No need to change the name, it's just a fictional scenario. Lots of people have the same name! I was only wondering if you knew him?
He's a Conservative who disagrees with his party on many issues. He's also a Catholic. And gay. Very outspoken. I've read some of his articles and seen him on Bill Maher.

Lorna said...

He's a conservative? No wonder I recognized the name. I have been reading his articles and the nam just did not stick in my head. As I get older my memory is eroding!

DJan said...

I think it's funny, and I enjoyed the POV of the client who thinks he's winning by giving up nothing. :-)

Shelly said...

This was fun to read, and you wrote it so well! The irony of his situation~

HermanTurnip said...

Heh....great post, and one heck of a start to a story. I see the possibilities now...

And yeah, I've known people who start off seeking help for one problem or another, then forget why they asked for help in the first place.

Again, great piece!

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