Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cheyenne, Mighty Duck Hunter: A Video

All of you animal lovers out there know what it feels like to lose a beloved pet that has passed on. My Cheyenne, a female yellow labrador retriever, was a brilliant, cherished, and amusing light in my life for twelve years. 

A dog is a memory factory: Each day creates a new and heart-touching experience which in turn becomes a memory. Like you all with pets, I have a whole catalogue of memories. One of them is of her sleeping in bed with me, draped over the pillows, her breathing near my ear.

Another is Cheyenne on duck duty. Ducks are delightful creatures and I could watch them in my swimming pool for a long time from my window, but I never enjoyed seeing their inevitable business on the edges of the pool. A dirty mess. That's where Cheyenne came in. She was trained to run outside and scare them off the property whenever they alighted on the waters. 

She is in this video, "Mighty Duck Hunter," that I made the other year. It is from my YouTube channel, "LittlePawProductions."  I hope you enjoy it.

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