Thursday, February 28, 2013

Real Friends

This is no original thought, but it does take time to realize who your friends are. 

I needed someone to drive me to the ophthalmologist's office for cataract surgery and emailed a few people asking if they could do it for me. The reply that stands out in my mind is the one that said she was busy on those days with golf and bowling. Ah, there is another one. I emailed Mrs. X, who replied that she would not be in town and suggested I ask Ms. Z. I asked Ms. Z who predictably suggested I ask Mrs. X.

Meanwhile, my across-the-street neighbor was totally willing to take the days off from work to drive me to the ophthalmologist's office. My asking the other people was just my way of taking as much of the load off my neighbor's back as possible.

Turns out that my ophthalmologist told me that because I previously had had Lasik surgery on my eyes, the cataract surgery at this time might end up with me having worse vision than I have now -- plus, I'd have to wear glasses. He suggested that I wait a year OR TWO to get the surgery in spite of the cataracts clouding my vision right now. 

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