Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catastrophic Thoughts

I sometimes have catastrophic thoughts.

When people raise their wine or champagne glasses for a toast, I always think, "What if they hit the glasses too hard and the glasses break?" Am I the only person who has such useless thoughts?

When I see movies of cars being driven along narrow cliffside roads, I always think that the car
could go careening off the road and down into the  valley or ocean below.

When I drive into the four-lane tunnel on Sherman Way, I frequently think that there could be an earthquake at that very moment, covering my car in dirt and cement.

These thoughts don't prevent me from doing anything; they don't restrict my life. They just intervene intermittently into my thinking process.

Well, ok, I do admit to keeping toasts very gentle with wine or champagne glasses. Just the lightest little tap.


Shelly said...

It's good to have a little caution with things, and I don't think your's is overdone at all.

DJan said...

I certainly think catastrophic thoughts now and then, you are not alone. But then again, there are times when I probably should think that way and expect everything to be perfect. :-)

HermanTurnip said...

Hey, I once broke a beer stein while cheering another friend in a bar once. No joke, glass and beer when everywhere. I'm now much more careful when partaking in toasts! :-)

Anonymous said...
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Dee said...

Dear Lorna, I, too, think catastrophic at times. Especially when I can't find one of the three cats with whom I live and begin to panic. My thoughts race: did he/she somehow get out of the house? Is he/she lost?

On Sunday evening we had torrential rain and I went out onto the patio to bring in the cushions, so the screen door was closed and opened several times. A short while later, I couldn't find Matthew anywhere--not on the cat tree or on any of his favorite sleeping spots.

I went outside into the drenching rain and called and called his name. He didn't come. I was sure the worse had happened and that he'd been run over by a car.

A half-hour later--after going outside and calling frantically again--I happened to think of the car in the attached garage. And sure enough, there he was. When I'd opened the car door, he must have jumped inside. Panic over. Breathing back to normal. Catastrophe averted. Peace.

Anonymous said...

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A Lady's Life said...

When we were growing up we learned preventative driving and how to avoid
catastrophes by being careful and thinking one step ahead.
Today this is seen as being paranoid.
Today tail gating seems to be ok.
We pass so many safety laws and I wonder why we do that instead of teaching people to be responsible and accountable for their actions and accidents still happen regardless.
As for toasting with glasses, my main fear is to spill what's inside
and of course the breaking of the glass if it too thin or delicate.
Those glasses are meant for civilized people with manners lol

Anonymous said...
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CrystalChick said...

Oh you are so not alone on this! I definitely have some catastrophic thoughts. Like you, it doesn't stop me from going and doing things but I can't help when my mind wanders. My kids tell me to lighten up about stuff sometimes. There is always a little fear where my kids/grands are concerned though. Too many things that could happen!

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