Monday, March 4, 2013

Balmy Southern California

I see that another major storm will bring heavy snow from parts of North Carolina to portions of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey spanning Wednesday into Thursday.

Meanwhile, I am relaxing here in a lightweight nightgown and the weather outside is 67ยบ. All the news headlines lately about heavy snows serve to make me feel fortunate to be living here in balmy Southern California.

My computer desk faces a large window that opens to the eastern sky. Right now I see clear skies, sunlight, and I hear the whirring sound of someone's mechanical equipment doing something or other. I am betting that the fellow at the machine is wearing jeans and a cotton shirt with perhaps a Hanes undershirt.

Yesterday I went to the mall with my friend wearing black leggings and a medium-weight sweater top with elbow length sleeves. And sandals. I like wearing as little as possible, so I brought no jacket or sweater. That's my personal preference: simplicity, unencumbered.

It's true that in the early 90's my then house (a 3-bedroom condominium) was jostled threateningly by the Northridge Earthquake; it's true that living in Southern California has its own kind of risk. Nonetheless, I prefer the sunny balminess to the cold snow and ice of the northeast and I prefer the risk of earthquakes over the risk of hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods.

My friend Helen, who lives in Ohio, says she loves the sun but would miss the four seasons that she experiences there. I think that this is true of a lot of northeasterners, but they pay for their preferences in winter gas and electric bills to heat their homes; thank the stars I can slide by on a minimum of gas to heat this house on those unusually cold days.

I also think that any homeless person on the streets of Dayton, Ohio today would prefer being homeless in Miami, Florida. Just a guess, but to each his own.

Have a happy Monday, everyone.

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