Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Kindness of Friends

Sometimes you think you know why someone is being nice to you, and then sometimes you turn out to be wrong.

My friend Veronica, her 14-year-old son Diego, and I went to Macy's to buy some underwear. After getting a lot of help from Veronica and the saleslady, I found the bra that fit me and we headed for the food court to have some lunch. Veronica and I were happy with our purchases and we were all hungry.

The food court is a huge area with tables and chairs and small food stands surrounding them on two sides. We headed for the Sansei stand for some Japanese food. Vero and Diego were in line first. They ordered their chicken bowl with noodles, paid, and Vero headed to the center of the area to find a table and chairs for us. I had to wait a few minutes for the shrimp tempura to get deep fried and put on a plate for me.

I paid for my lunch and began to wait. Diego was standing there with me, not with his mom, whom I spotted near the center of the court waving at us. After a minute passed I suggested that Diego go to eat because surely his food was getting cold. He said nope. I said again that he really ought to go and sit down and eat and that I would join them in a minute or two. He said, "No, Lornie, not even if you order me to go." This was Diego being cute, charming, and funny all at the same time.

I signalled to his mom that he really ought to go sit with her and begin to eat. She shook her head No and motioned to him to stay with me. He did so. He rattled off some cute teenage phrases about me not being able to get him to go. I imagined that he was being polite and friendly.

Finally my shrimp tempura was ready and a big brown heavy tray was passed to me by the cash register fellow. In an instant I realized that carrying it would be hard for me to do with me having a hunched back from scoliosis.

Immediately Diego reached over to take my tray from the man and I instantly realized that his mission and wish was to carry my tray for me.

Yes, I was wrong in thinking that he was just standing there to keep me company and be nice.

It's been a long day. We made a stop to Ralph's Market to buy some groceries and then went to their house. (I live in a house across the street on a cul-de-sac.) We put my groceries in their house and then had some French press coffee with a Klondike Krunchy Bar. After having an immense wave of sleepiness wash over me, I decided to come home to take a nap. Vero came with me and carried my two grocery bags and one Macy's bag.

And the kindness of those two is still on my mind, still being savored with great love. My wish for you fellow bloggers is that you have friends who are genuine and fun like they are. (The husband/father is equally wonderful.) May you have Real Friends and may you be a real friend to them. May you have warm and happy Sundays with real land people who talk and walk with you in real time and share your life with commitment and zest.


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