Thursday, August 15, 2013

Memories of Cheyenne

My labrador retriever Cheyenne passed away last October, 2012. Most of the time things are fine and life has its way of taking over the daily agenda, but there are times when memories of my playful, sensitive charmer of a dog takes over in a wave of movies playing in my head.

Whenever I would exit my upstairs office, Cheyenne would hear me and emerge from the master bathroom, which she considered her own personal cave, and she would check to see whether or not I was going downstairs, because if I was, there would be a cookie in it for her. I would always go to the kitchen to give her a little dog biscuit which I called a cookie.

She really scared me one day when I went upstairs to the bedroom and saw her on my bed with a plastic CVS prescription pill container and a bunch of little pills scattered around it. They were the muscle relaxant pills that I had gotten to ease my lower back pain and since I had stopped taking them because they made me too drowsy, there were many left over. I had no idea if Cheyenne had taken any of the pills, or if so, how many she had taken.

In a flash I grabbed my purse and ushered Cheyenne into the car and drove her to her veterinarian. They took all the necessary precautions and kept her overnight just to be sure.

I picked her up the next day, the same innocent, observant dog, happy to see me and happy to go home again. Such is life, with the moments of fright turning into sweet memories with the passing of time.


DJan said...

What a sweet dog, you can see it in her face. I think we will always have moments of missing our dear companions who have gone, and even though a long time passes, we still have moments when the pain of missing a loved one will grab us. I know it happens to me even after decades... blessings to you. :-)

Shelly said...

She sounds like she was an amazing dog, intelligent and full of love. I'm so sorry she's gone, but I'm so glad you had her.

HermanTurnip said...

Loved this post! It's funny, but my cat also thinks that the master bathroom is her personal domain. Heh...

Your dog sounds like she was one in a million, and I'm sure she occupies a permanent spot in your memories, like any loyal companion should!

CrystalChick said...

Aw, sweet memories. Our furry friends give us so many of them. Sad that your beautiful Cheyenne has passed on, but glad you still hold love in your heart for her.

Dee said...

Dear Lorna, I so understand what you are saying here when you talk about your memories--sweet as well as bittersweet--of Cheyenne. So many times I've dropped on the floor one of the vitamins, aspirins, prescriptions, or supplements I take and searched and searched until I found it, lodging under the stove or refrigerator or having skipped across the linoleum and landed on the rug in the center of the kitchen floor.

Always I've done so by keeping the cats away from the search, so fearful that they might find and gobble up the pill.

And along with those memories are the ones of them simply enjoying life in our home. What a blessing they are in my life. Just as Cheyenne was and is a blessing in your life. Peace.

A Lady's Life said...

So sorry to hear about your pup.
She looks like she was a very nice dog and they do tug at the heart.
So nice to have around for company.
A beautiful name too.
I am sure you miss her.

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